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The following are terms of a legal agreement between you and WebVisionz. Please read it carefully before using this website. By using this Web site, you confirm that you agree to these terms and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We may, at any time revise these Terms of Use and any other information contained in this Web site by updating this page and is not liable to notify you in advance. However we do so after the updation. We also reserve the right to improve or change the services or programs described on this site at any time without notice.
Any of the site content should not be copied, reproduced, distributed, or used without written permission from us. All content present on the site is exclusive property of WebVisionz. Unauthorised use of any content on this site could result in criminal or civil penalties. WebVisionz is a registered trademark and may not be misused under any circumstances.
If you fail to comply with the terms and policies of this site you automatically get disqualified for any refunds and warranty claims. We are not responsible if you misunderstood any of the statements made on this website. WebVisionz is not responsible for any damage to you computers or loss of data that results after download of any content from the Site.
Cancellation and Refund:
If you are not satisfied from our services and choose to opt out at anytime you can do so by simply mailing us through the Contact Form. We have different cancellation and refund policies for our different services. Kindly refer to respective service agreements carefully for more details. You may submit your cancellation requests by email. Your request will be considered valid only when you receive confirmation from our accounts or billing department. The confirmation email given by us will act as a proof of the cancellation of service. WebVisionz does not guarantee any refunds for the cancellation of its service. We will act according to the agreement signed upon by the client and WebVisionz. WebVisionz does not offer any refund for the transaction charges, funds spent on search engines, services already delivered or any other miscellaneous charges which are non recoverable for WebVisionz and refunding them causes any loss to WebVisionz.
Policies are subject to change:
We reserve the right to change any of our policies at any time. If that happens we will inform you through emails and update this page. In case of any doubts regarding our policies please feel free to Contact Us.
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